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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Warning Messages from Allah Rabbil Alemin

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

AlHamdulillah, Allahumma salli wa sallim 'ala Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa 'ala ali Muhammadin wa Baarak wa salim.

In last year September or October i saw a dream in which Allah said “Qasim as long as Muslims don’t believe in your dreams that they are all completely true and everything is going to happen exactly as I have told you in dreams, I will not change the condition of Muslims and they will stay in the same condition and I will keep on straitening them from every side.

22 September 2015 Allah asked me” Qasim did Muslims believe you? I told Him no only a few people did except them no one did, then Allah said “Qasim if they don't believe then I will shake them heavily. And I will make them fight one another and as long as they don't believe you they will keep on fighting like this and then i see that Muslims start fighting with each other and the rest of the Muslims become very tense that what will happen now and how will they stop fighting? And then those people who know of my dreams but they don’t believe in it (including big people) and those who stop others from believing in my dreams, then they believe in my dreams and tell others of my dreams and then this news spreads across the globe.

30 Nov 2015 i saw a dream i am sharing it last part there was a huge hall, there were Muslims and their leaders, when I go near them then Allah says in my right ear that Qasim narrate the dreams which I have shown you, so I stopped and told them that Allah and Muhammad s.a.w keep coming into my dreams from several years and Allah has promised me that he will help me and he will take me out of this darkness and Allah has shown me the straight path from the dreams, upon hearing this they started to laugh and said that are you mad? Who has seen Allah in dreams? But few people believed me, and I said why not? Allah is able to do all things, and Muhammad s.a.w has told me in the dreams that Qasim whoever supports you is just a person who supported Me, but they made fun of me again, I said that you make fun of merely because Allah and Muhammad s.a.w coming in my
dreams, so their leader said that yes this is why and you are lying.

I said to myself silently that this Ummah makes supplications to Allah to help them and take them out of darkness and when Allah sends someone then they ridicule him, I go forward from there and those
people who believed also started to walk with me, so the rest of the people told them not to walk with me and they said it's a sin but they did not listen to them, and those people came behind me. And I said to my companions that if these people do not believe then Allah will shake them heavily and just with that came a strong earthquake and everyone got scared, I felt as if this building will collapse and I said that if this building collapses then it's roof will tear open and Allah will take out me and the ones with me, but the earthquake stopped and the people who were with leaders, most of them ran away and they became scared, but the leaders and their few companions started to ridicule me again and I said to them that Allah has sent such a terrifying earthquake and still you do not understand and you will never understand.

and along with it Allah showed up on His Arsh in anger and Allah came there and said with great anger "you just keep on ridiculing Qasim, your hands break and you get ruined". Upon hearing the angry voice of Allah I woke up.

Last edited on 1/20/2016

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